Trusted Dental Lab for Toledo Dentists

Our dental lab is on standby, ready to serve dentists in Toledo who restore their patients’ smiles with the best, latest products on the market today. We combine consistency in artistry with a unique touch. After all, your patients’ mouths aren’t all the same. That’s why we specialize in creating each scenario to improve patient esthetics, function, and ease of fit while preserving top-notch quality that can last for years.

We pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable staff in our dental lab, experts in their field who have the know-how to develop the products your patients need. Our technological team can help you with treatment planning for implant and combination cases, as well as metal-free products. Simply submit your study model, opposing model, and bite registration to us. Be sure to include your desired result for your patient, and we’ll handle all the details and get right to work on a solution that meets their unique needs.

Our dental lab is on the forefront of technology, offering digital dentistry services. Digital impression files are routine, and we use CADCAM software to create goods that provide a more comfortable and secure fit for your patient. We provide crowns and bridges, implants, removable dental products, orthodontics, and Argen clear aligners. Is your patient allergic to metals? We also have nonmetal alternatives so you can repair their smile after our dental lab delivers our products to you.

We help you stay on track so you can deliver healthy smiles efficiently and as quickly as possible to your patients in Toledo. With our convenient delivery calendar, you know exactly when you can expect your order from our dental lab from the day you order it! Even if you’re in Toledo, we offer free shipping on all orders!

Call today and consider us a member of your technical team. We’re ready to help, so be sure to call us at 734.641.9999 and begin placing your order! 


Providing Dental Lab Services to Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Toledo, OH.

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