Argen Clear Aligners

Argen clear aligners are made from a premium thermoformed plastic material that is engineered for precise fit, ongoing force retention, and exceptional durability. All aligners are expertly designed using an elastomeric layer encased in a dual shell construction that provides a consistent, continual force to gently shift your patient’s teeth into alignment. The treatment plans are patient specific and span across three varying levels.                                                                                     

Included in the treatment options are:

  • The Patient Specific Treatment Plan
  • Clear aligners separately packaged  for each stage
  • Requested aligners (both arches)
  • Patient instructions
  • One set of maintenance retainers

Treatment Options
Perfect for Esthetic Cases

  • Anterior and premolar movements like crowding, spacing, midline shift, overbite, and open bite
  • No molar movements or band treatment
  • Clear retainers available

Simple Procedure

  1. Create your 3 Shape Communicate account. Call Jennifer for assistance if needed.
  2.  Submit your Rx and case details through your 3 Shape communicate account to Expertec Dental Laboratory – Argen Clear Aligners.
  3.  Send full upper and lower impressions and bite registration (traditional and digital impressions are accepted).
  4. Your case will be reviewed and a treatment plan will be created specifically to optimize the best solution for your individual patient.
  5.  Review the suggested treatment plan in your 3 Shape communicate account. You will have the option to approve the treatment plan or request changes.
  6.  Aligners will arrive in your office approximately one week after you approve the treatment plan.

For More Information or to request a starter kit call Tim or Jennifer at 734-641-9999

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