Reduce Costs and Chair Time With Expertec Implant Restorations.


Expertec Dental Laboratory fabricates a wide variety of high quality, patient-specific implant restorations. We handle all implant modalities. As a Preferred Implant Laboratory, we have the training, experience, products and support to complete successful dental implant restorations. We offer authentic custom CAD CAM Abutments and screws directly from companies such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer Biomet 3I, Astra, BioHorizon and Atlantis.

As an Encode® Empowered Laboratory, we are recognized as a leader in implant restorative dentistry. This Encode® Empowered technology gives us the ability to enhance custom milled attachment designs.

Abutments are designed with the final restoration in mind. This in turn provides our customers with a more simple, accurate, and convenient restorative process that increases treatment acceptance.

Encode healing abutments from Zimmer Biomet 3I can be used as an impression coping or scan body. These abutments don’t require removal for the impression appointment which saves time and helps preserve tissue.

Case consultation and treatment planning is a service we are happy to provide. We can offer suggestions, order compatible implant parts and be your partner in the whole implant process.

Our Fixed Removable Implants include a variety of options such as Locator Attachment Implant Overdentures, Screw-Retained Hybrid Dentures, and Milled Bar Overdentures. In addition, the option of Laser Welding for preformed implant bars will create a more passive fit.

Expertec’s All-Inclusive Implant Package includes the Crown, Model, Lab Analog, Soft Tissue, Gold Hue, Abutment, Titanium interface, Screw, Placement Jigs and Parts so you have everything in one package.

Screw Retained Implant Denture Locator Bar Denture Locator Implant denture

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