Esthetic Metal Free Options



Metal free restorations are over 90% of all our fixed work.

With many choices available, these restorations are beautiful and extremely natural looking.

Patients love them! And no one will be able to pick out the “crown”.


E.max® is beautiful and has the option of layered or monolithic. This versatile restoration is highly recommended for the anterior esthetic zone. However, it is prep sensitive and needs 0.3mm chamfered margin, no feather edge, no bevels and no sharp line angles.    Minimum Occlusal reduction for Anterior is 1mm and Posterior 2mm.  E.max® veneers are stronger than traditional veneers and can be fabricated as thin as 0.3mm and provide outstanding  esthetics.  Dark stumps will show through.  Bond e.max® restorations.


Contraindications: for Veneers: If stumps are dark, Porcelain Fused to Zirconia is best restoration for metal free. We are able to use our most opaque  zirconia to help cover dark stumps but layer with  porcelain to get the beauty of natural translucency


Porcelain Fused to Zirconia combines the best of both worlds; a strong zirconia coping and the beauty of Expertec’s multi-layered porcelain esthetics. Recommended for both anterior and posterior, single units and bridges, it does it all.  PFZ is the new PFM! Cement or Bond PFZ (your choice).


Zr.maxx™ is a solid zirconia blended with more zircon crystals that increase translucency and mimics the look of e.max. It combines the best of both; the strength of zirconia and the translucency effects of Lithium Discilicate. Specifically designed for the anterior and pre-molar region, it is perfect for single units and three unit bridges (not veneers). With more than twice the translucency of  solid zirconia this restoration is designed and milled using CAD CAM resulting in a precise fit.  Dark Stumps will show through.  Cement or Bond.


Znamel™ is an Expertec Esthetic Option for something in between Full Z and PFZ. The solid zirconia crown includes zirconia contacts, marginal ridges and anterior linguals. We add a thin layer of translucent porcelain enamel on the incisal, occlusal & facial to mimic nature.  Znamel™has more vitality than Full-Z and is less likely to chip than PFZ.  Znamel™ can be placed virtually anywhere in the mouth. Cement or Bond (your choice). Znamel™, exclusive to Expertec, is the “Beauty and Brawn” choice of Zirconia restorations.


Full-Z 3D™ offers higher translucency  from a polychrome zirconia consisting of three pre-colored layers showing smooth enamel, dentin and cervical color shifts for a natural shading gradient. Additional minimal shading as needed. Excellent for posterior and pre-molars, single and larger unit bridges, it combines the strength of Full Zirconia with better esthetics. You can cement or bond.


Full-Z™ is one of the strongest restorations available. Expertec CAD CAM designed and milled, monolithic zirconia is biocompatible and extremely strong. Full-Z™ restorations are ideal for  patients who brux and grind. Expertec’s Full-Z™ crowns stand out from “ordinary” all-zirconia crowns because we use a proprietary translucent Zirconia that is polychromatic with both internal and external color. Cement or Bond Full-Z™.




D2740  Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate

D6245  Pontic – Pontic Porcelain / Ceramic

D6740  Abutment Crown – Porcelain/ Ceramic

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