Full-Z FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of prep is required?
A chamferized shoulder margin prep with 1-2 mm occlusal reduction and 1-1.5mm axial reduction with rounded internal line angles is ideal. But it can be done on any prep design.

What are the Indications and contraindications? faq_pic2
Ideal for posterior single units and depending on the span, possibly 3-4 unit bridges. While the esthetics are good, it is not necessarily recommended for the esthetic zone. There are better, more translucent materials specifically developed for the anterior (like eMax or Porcelain to Zirconia). Full-Z can be used in the anterior for patients who are heavy bruxers or who have broken anterior PFM bridges. Just be aware the esthetics will not be typical. Call to discuss specific anterior option.

How is the marginal integrity as compared to other restorations?
Excellent, due to the digital and CAD CAM nature.

How is the procedure for adjustment, if needed?
faq_pic3 Full-Z can be adjusted with a medium or fine grit diamond using copious amounts of water to keep the restoration cool. If you are not using water, use the lightest touch possible. Most bur companies (like Brasseler, Axis and Komet) offer special zirconia burs. Be sure to polish the Full-Z after you have made your adjustments. Use a Porcelain Polishing system with diamond impregnated rubber wheels. Axis makes a specific Adjustment and Polishing Kit.

How is the bond strength? faq_pic4
The bond isexcellent. All Expertec Full-Z and Porcelain to Zirconia are sandblasted to enhance the bond strength as well. If you choose to enhance the bond you can apply a Zirconia Primer, like Z-Bond from Bisco. A Dental Advisor study indicated a 25-28mpg bond strength when a zirconia restoration is both sandblasted and Z primed.

How long does it take in the lab?
Seven day in the lab for single units. We always look for ways to shorten turnaround times and it is possible to rush a Full-Z. Call Brittany or Jennifer for details.

What are the insurance codes?
D2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate
D6245 Pontic – Pontic Porcelain / Ceramic
D6740 Abutment Crown – Porcelain/ Ceramic

Does Full-Z affect opposing dentition?
Studies have proven that when polished and glazed, zirconia does not wear opposing natural or porcelain teeth.
At Expertec we thoroughly polish Full-Z before the final glaze.

How are the esthetics? Is the appearance translucent or opaque?
This is a monolithic restoration. It will not look exactly like a layered crown. The material itself is inherently bright so some shades may not be exact. Speak with Kim or David regarding choosing shades.

Why is this crown a good choice compared to other crowns available? 
Full-Z is a very affordable, unit-priced alternative to porcelain fused to metal crowns or full cast crowns, especially in the posterior. CAD CAM production makes this an especially accurate restoration for occlusion and marginal integrity.

Any reasons for possible failure or fracture?
Unlikely, but perhaps if the crown is too thin or adjustment was too aggressive. Full-Z has the lowest failure rate of all restorations. 

What if the crown needs Endo?
Simply use an end-cutting medium grit diamond (not coarse) to provide the access hole. Check with your dealer rep for the burs.

Is this crown only fabricated by Expertec?
Other labs offer full zirconia but many of them are white and chalky looking. Before bringing Full-Z to market Expertec spent considerable time on R & D. We researched and tested many different types of zirconia; we developed a technique for sintering to create through and through color as well as external stains and glazes to create a lifelike restoration. Full-Z’s are designed and milled at the lab. No outsourcing.

For case specific technical questions call David or Kim at 888-875-6011.

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