Dentures and Partials

Are they real? Or, are they Expertec? Only their dentist knows for sure.

denturesOur technical staff can discuss, design and coordinate your combination cases with our fixed department to achieve highly esthetics results. The Expertec Removable Department has specially trained personnel who know how to bio-engineer a successful case. We pride ourselves in our knowledgeable staff and technical expertise.

Expertec is certified in Laser Welding technology. Laser Welding produces a smoother and stronger repair guaranteed for life. This means no stripping acrylic or resetting denture teeth.

  • Partial and Full Dentures
  • Premium Dentures
  • Flexible Partials
  • Simple Framework (2 clasp or less)
  • Complex Framework (3 clasps of more)
  • Flipper (1- 4 teeth)
  • All Cast or Facing Unit
  • Laser Weld Repair
  • Surgical Stent
  • Bitesplint—Traditional Hard
  • Impact Bitesplint Hard/Soft
  • Sportsguards (School colors available)
  • Flexible Partials
  • Relines & Repairs

VitaPan is our standard tooth
Vita 3D master Shades are available
U of M Hard Bitesplint (flat plane with cuspid rise)
Heat and Seat Bitesplint (softens in warm water)
Hard/ Soft (two part)

Light-cured Baseplate W/Biterim is standard
Light-cured Custom Tray is standard
Characterized Wax up and Setups are standard
Compression Molding Processing is standard

Frameworks can be cast in Wironium or Vitallium

We offer a wide variety of acrylic shades from light to ethnic.


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