Smile Shapers

Smile Shapers Clear Aligners are fabricated from biocompatible resin that is durable, virtually invisible, and very comfortable. All aligners are expertly designed and created to ensure their precision and durability. Patients are amazed how seamlessly these aligners blend in with their teeth and their lives. The Treatment Plans are patient specific and span across three varying levels. The sequential aligners gently shift teeth into alignment, so every plan ends in a perfect smile.
Included in the three treatment options are:

    • The Patient Specific Treatment Plan / Consultation
    • Requested Aligners
    • Patient instructions
    • One Maintenance Retainer*



Treatable Cases
Smile Shapers Sequential Aligners are fabricated to match each patient’s specific need. The most common cases are Gapped Teeth, Overly Crowded Teeth, Open Bite and Cross Bite






Simple Procedure
1. Complete the Aligner prescription
2. Send full upper and lower impressions and bite registration (either analog or digital)
3. The cases will be reviewed and a Treatment Plan will be created specifically to optimize the best solution for your individual patient.
4. You review the suggested Treatment Plan and either sign the approval form or request a change.
5. Once the Treatment Plan is approved , the Sequential Aligners are manufactured.
6. Approximately one week later you receive the aligners package for your patient.

For More Information or to request a Starter Kit call Jennifer or Liz at 734-641-9999


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