Alliances / Partners

Expertec Dental Laboratory is affiliated with several organizations that are dedicated to quality dental services, products and innovative technologies.Expertec is a Laboratory Consultant to Dental Advisor, Certified Dental laboratory, member of TEREC (Technical Research Consortium), member of the MACDL (Michigan Association of Commercial Dental Laboratories), member of NADL (National Association of Dental Laboratories), Zimmer member Preferred Laboratory and a member of CAL-LAB.As a member of TEREC, Expertec has been at the forefront of emerging technologies in the industry. The group has been instrumental in the launch of various products, systems and technologies such as Procera®, Lava®, Cone Beam Scanning for implants and includes beta testing products.

As a Laboratory Consultant to Dental Advisor. Expertec evaluates products and new technologies. Dental Advisor is a clinical evaluation and education company. Expertec also participates in many study groups related to the advancement of dental technology.

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